b2b online marketing strategy – your website in the middle!

“Your website in the middle” is in our vision key in a b2b online marketing strategy. Understanding that all sales and marketing activities you do, lead to website visitors is of the highest importance for a succesfull b2b online marketing strategy. By setting up your website intelligently and implement the right tools, you can increase the ROI of all your sales and marketing activities. Online marketing is more than only focussing on search engines. Next to SEO (search engine optimizing)SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and conversion optimization, we take on a new approach in b2b online marketing. SalesFeed (b2b lead recognition software) provides the base for this approach. Also re-targeting, Social Advertizing, Social media or taking advantage of sales and marketing activities from your competitors could be strategies we implement. We look at your goals and then see which necessary adjustments are needed on your website. Last we decide which tools and campaigns are best suitable to achieve your goals. Herewith we help you develop a succesvol tailor made b2b online marketing strategy .

Your partner for a b2b online marketing strategy

You are looking for a trustworthy partner that can help you develop the best fitting b2b online marketing strategy? A partner who objectively help you find solutions to your challenges and who understands how complicated b2b purchase proces can be? Welcome to WM2O! As marketing strategists we always try to bring together an out of the box creative approach, most intelligent business strategy and the newest b2b online marketing tools to achieve real results.

Get out what’s already in

We differentiate ourselves by a unique proposition and focus on b2b online marketing. B2B internet marketing is a different world than B2C. A world that we know by experience. You probably already have relevant traffic on your website. What do you do with this traffic. All you can do now is wait untill they call you. But we know that only 2% does this. What happens with the other 98%? We first check what’s already in, before we buy more relevant visitors to your website. We are even capable of addressing people who are not even searching yet. And with responsive content we make sure your website content automatically adjusts to the audience on your website. This increases conversionrates. We set your website in the middle of all marketing activities you already do.

In short: our expertise is developing and implementing a targetted b2b online marketing strategy, that leads to more sales opportunities.

What can we really do for you?


 > B2B Online Marketing Scan & Advice

Are you still in doubt if you can achieve something with b2b online marketing but you want to know for sure? Then it is wise to first request a b2b online marketing scan & advice. You get an honest advice about your chances with online marketing. We’ll tell you if we think you shouldn’t spend your money on this. If you are not succesfull we also are not. Continue reading…

> B2B Online Marketing Strategy

Are you already convinced about your online possibilities and you want to take serious steps on b2b online marketing? Then a clear focussed online marketing strategy and proffesional implementation are crucial. In the strategy we define the goals and determine the route to implement online marketing as a structural and vital part of your marketingmix. Continue reading…

> Online Customer Journey 

A customer Journey is the route from becoming, being and staying a customer. This online customer journey looks at the proces of becoming a customer. The Online Customer Journey is the journey a customer or potential customer takes, from need to orientation and from query to contact.  By taking this route we find points of improvement to increase online visibility and improve your website. Continue reading…

> SalesFeed, recognizes leads on your website

Salesfeed improves your b2b online marketing strategy by recognizing website leadsOn a daily basis many potential customers visit your website. They oriëntate themselves for a purchase, find support or look for information. Salesfeed is momentarily the most effective innovative b2b online marketing tool on the market in Holland. SalesFeed recognizes businesses on your website and creates with responsive content and CRM integration thé base for Marketing Automation and Lead Automation. In short a succesfull b2b online marketing strategy. Continue reading…