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European distribution


You are an American or Canadian company and you are interested to find European distribution to expand your International business. Then first thing that comes to mind: you need to set up an European distribution channel.

This sounds easy but what steps will you take? What is important to know before you make the definite decision? Of course you want to know what the European markets are like. Unlike America, Europe exists of 28 different countries and the same amount of languages and customs. Some countries are very similar in their culture, but still each country is unique in some kind of way. A lot of people don’t even speak English. These are just some basics you need to realize before you make further steps.

Then about your market. The way things are done in US is not always the way things are done in Europe. And even between the various countries the differences can be huge. In construction for example Northern Europe is mainly working with pinewood whilst in East and Southern Europe mainly concrete is used.

We have experience in European Distribution

Before I started WM2O Marketing. I lived shortly in Gallup, New Mexico. After that I had over 10 years International experience working for KLM Strategic Purchasing and a leading American company in the fastening business, SENCO. As International Product Manager and Marketing Operations manager i travelled a lot and learned about American, Asian, Canadian and European people, their cultures and customs. I successfully launched new product introductions for the packaging industry in Europe. A product-line currently sold worldwide.

International network and new marketing techniques

In 10 years I build quite an International network and over the last 2 years going forward we are continuously expanding our network of National and International partners that can help find our way in Europe and beyond. Together with the partners I work with we speak about 6 different languages. Therefor we are capable to find the right distribution partners for you.

European distribution potential study

WM2O’s potential study provides the necessary information for businesses that want to expand their business to Europe. With this potential study you get strategic information about the various markets, how the job is done in here and your chances on the European Market.

A potential study exists of:

Product study

  • Learn about the product
  • Who is the current end user
  • What are USP’s of the product
  • How is the job done in US
  • Who are competitors in US

Market study

  • How is the job done today in the various European markets
  • Who is the potential end user
  • Who are current suppliers
  • What are their USP’s
  • What does the market look like
  • How is European distribution organized
  • What is the economic situation in this market

Field study

  • Visiting end users and dealers to get onsite information

Dealer search

  • Setting the criteria that distributors or European distribution network need to comply with
  • Visiting most important international fairs to find potential distributors (together with you)


European Go-to-Market strategy

The potential study provides the information leading to a go-to-market strategy but it can also lead to a negative advice because of the following reasons:
  • the competition is too big
  • market is too weak
  • there are new developments or methods that are taking market shares from traditional ways
  • the USP’s of your product are not good enough compared to competitors.
  • Etcera.
We also initiate the actual go-to-market strategy it selves, with or without a potential study. If you want to do your own research or you already have the knowledge but you just need help finding the right partners in Europe. We can find the appropriate International fairs/shows and look for distribution partners or even help you set up your own company for example in the Netherlands.
You can contact us for more information by e-mail: info@wm2o.nl or callto: +3185-4011243.

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